McDvoice Survey Questions

Question number 1 at McDvoice.

This is the first question of McDvoice is “Select the Order Type“ and here you asked to choose 1 option from 3 which is shown below.


Question number 2 at McDvoice.

In this question, they will ask you to rate your overall satisfaction with your experience at McDonald`s. Then you are requested to select the options like highly satisfied, satisfied, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, dissatisfied, highly satisfied.


Question number 3 at McDvoice.

Here in question number 3 customers need to rate the following category which is shown in the above image. Follow the image for better understanding.


Question number 4 at McDvoice.

Here you need to fill the categories such as accuracy of your order, speed of service, overall value for the price you paid, and rate as per your experiences.


Question number 5 at McDvoice.

In this question, you need to check out the items which you ordered at McDonald’s store. Select items as shown in the image.


Question number 6 at McDvoice.

Here you asked about the problem if faced by you at McDonald`s store. `Yes` & `No` options are available you can choose according to your experiences.


Question number 7 at McDvoice.

The last question of McDvoice is “based on the visit, what is the likelihood that you will”. Check out the above image for a better understanding.


Based on your experience, you need to honestly answer the questions then submit the survey by clicking on the submit button after completing all the question, wait till you get a confirmation code.

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